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Marci Roberts

Mrs. Roberts’ Class

Welcome to my webpage for my 3rd grade classroom! We are learning so much this year! I encourage the kids to read 20 minutes each night.  This will help them so much with their comprehension.  Ask your child to summarize the story, give the main details, and ask them about the author’s purpose.  These are all of the things that we are working on in class.  You will be amazed at how much of a difference that this will make with their reading skills.  

We are also working on learning our multiplication facts, which will make it easier to learn division.  I have been using songs and videos to help the kids learn their math facts and they are loving it!

If you would like to join your child for lunch, please let the office know in the morning.  The phone number is 316-747-3350.  Our lunch time is 12:15-12:45.  

Our Daily Schedule


8:10-8:30: Daily Oral Language

8:30-10:00: Core Math

10:00-10:35: Core Reading

10:40-11:40: Specials(PE/Library/Music/Computer Lab

11:45-12:10: Core Reading continued

12:15-12:45: Lunch

12:55-1:20: Purple Power Time

1:20-2:00: Science, Social Studies, Writing, Art

2:00-2:20: Recess

2:25-3:15: Reading Centers/Lexia

3:20: Dismiss

Friday Schedule

9:10-9:30: Daily Oral Language/Morning Activities

9:30-10:35: Core Math

10:40-11:40: Specials 

11:45-12:10: Core Math/Reading

12:15-12:45: Lunch

12:55-1:20: Purple Power Time

1:20-2:00: Ketchup and Pickles

2:00-2:20: Recess

2:25-3:15: Educational Video/Teacher Read

3:20: Dismiss

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  My email is or you can call the office at 316-747-3350.  Thank you!




Marci Roberts

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