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Wrestling Stats 1927 to Present

year league REG. Sub-State State GW GOODWILL  WINNER STATE Sub-State Champ State Placer Duals
1927 DECEMBER 29, 1927 "DOUGLASS HIGH SCHOOL HAS NEW SPORT"         first team: owen doyle,ernest martin,clarence gibson, wilbur barnes, keith rozell, john condor, clarence houser, garland bare, claude winchell, and wilford darter  there were two duals that year one with eldorado and one with latham
1928             W. East 1st   Douglass 4th STATE TOURNAMENT IN MANHATTAN 125 # Wilford Darter 3RD     145# Wilbur Barnes 3rd  158# Garland Bare 3rd     
1929             W. East 43 pts 1st  Douglass 38 pts. 2nd  STATE TOURNAMENT IN MANHATTAN 95  Otis Maxwell 1ST  105# Wayne Burbank 1st  125# Wilford Darter 1st135# Keith Rozell 2nd 155# Garland Bare 1st 165# Edward Houser 2nd    
1930             Douglass 1st  1st OFFICIAL STATE  105 # Harry Darter  115# Alvin Darter  1st  Lawerence CoxWilford Darter    
1938                 Viron Wheeler  
1939-to 1950 no team             REGIONAL CHAMPS      
1954             Jim Caster Pat Doyle   Pat Doyle  Jim Caster  
1955             Jim Caster         Pat Doyle         Gus Gracia                   Bud Thomas    Pat Doyle  Jim Caster  
1956             Gus Garcia       
1957             Wayne Stanley    Larry Caster      
1958             Wayne Stanley  Ronnie Little   Larry Myers   Ronnie Little  Larry Myers  
1959             Larry Myers      Jerry Myers     Robert Ahlerich        Larry Darter    Larry Myers  Jerry Myers  Robert Ahlerich  
1960             Larry Myers       Robert Ahlerich    Sam Sears          Bob Wright  Richard Valentine  Jerry Metz       Larry Myers   Robert Ahlerich  
1961             Jerry Metz   Arlie Williamson  Robert Banfill      
1962             Jerry Haynes   Martin Little    Jerry Haynes Martin Little  
1963             Jerry Haynes   Garvin Mc Daniels    Jerry Haynes  
1964             Jerry Haynes  Andy Straw  Frank Smith    Jerry Haynes  Andy Straw  
1965             Andy Straw    Andy Straw  
1966             Ronnie Howard   Dan Reynolds  Larry Alley              Bill Rhodes    Wayne Straw        
1967             Wayne Straw  Terry Alley        
1968             Terry Alley      
1969             Terry Alley  Terry Rhodes        
1970             Terry Rhodes   JL Frakes     Terry Alley  
1971              JL Frakes  Charlie Frakes   Bob Williams  Dick Elder     Jim Pottorff     Terry Kunkle Junior Frakes       
1972              Charlie Frakes                  Junior Frakes                           Bill Mc Kibban   Larry Gimple     Charlie Frakes   
1973              Charlie Frakes  Bob Williams  Lloyd Howard           Ron Garcia      Charlie Petrie  
1974             David Alley       
1975             David Alley  Richard Frakes  Mark Kunkle   Greg Shaver    Richard Frakes 1st  
1976             David Alley  Richard Frakes  Mark Kunkle   Richard Frakes 1st    
1977   1st   3rd 5TH W. HEIGHTS Richard Frakes  Marty (B) Wright     Mark Wright-3rdKent Kunkle-3rd Richard Frakes 2nd Marty(B) Wright-4th  Bob Gimple-3rd   8-6
1978   1st   2nd  1st DOUGLASS Bill Little/Kent Kunkle/Richard Frakes/                    Bob Gimple/ Marty(B) Wright/John Jackle   Bill Little-2nd Kent Kunkle-1st  Richard Frakes-1st  Bob Gimple-1st John Jackle-2nd  9-3
1979   1st 1st 4th 3rd DERBY Mike Elswick/Bill Little/Marty(B) Wright/              Kirby Gibson/Brad McBee Mike Elswick/Bill Little/Marty(B) Wright/Kirby Gibson/Brad McBee Mark Wright-3rdMike Elswick-3rd     Bill Little-3rdMarty(B) Wright-3rd          Brad McBee-4th   8-2-1
1980 Undeafeated SKAA League Champs 1st 1st 5th 3rd NEWTON David Wright/Bill Little/Mike Elswick/                          Mark Wright/Brad McBee David Wright/Bill Little/Mike Elswick/Mark Wright/Brad McBee Brad McBee 3rd      Bill Little 1st Mark Wright-3rd  Mike Elswick-1ST  10-0
1981   2nd 1st 15th 4th W.SOUTH Ronnie Morgan/Brian Zimmerman/David Wright/Randy Rounkles/Mike Rausch Brian Zimmerman/ David Wright Brian Zimmerman 4th /                            David Wright 3rd  3-7-1
1982   1st 1st 8th 5th W.SOUTH Ross Ayers/Brian Zimmerman/                                         Carl Brumbaugh/Mike Rausch/Matt Hill   Ross Ayers 2nd  Mike Rausch  1st  7-4
1983     1st 15th 6th NEWTON Ross Ayers / Matt Hill Ross Ayers/Matt Hill Ross Ayers 3rd   8-2
1984   3rd   18th 7th DERBY Ross Ayres/Dean Zaldivar   Ross Ayers 2nd    5-11
1985 8th 2nd   26TH 6th DERBY Matt Houser/Dean Zaldivar      7-8-1
1986 4th 2nd   13th 4th DERBY Les Tatom/Matt Houser/Jerry Hiouser/                 Richard Zimmerman    Matt Houser 3rd/ Jerry Houser3rd  9-5-1
1987   3rd   16TH 7th DERBY Richard Zimmerman/Matt Houser   Matt Houser 3rd  9-6
1988 Chisholm Trail Undeafeted League Champs 1st   14th 5th W.SOUTH Matt Houser   Matt Houser 2nd  13-0
1989 Chisholm Trail Undeafeted League Champs 1st   12th 7th W.WEST Les Tatom/Jason Baldridge       14-0
1990 Chisholm Trail Undeafeted League Champs 1st   9th 6th DERBY Paul Thomas  Jamie Braungardt  Jeremy Braungardt  Shane Lovell  Jimmy Adams     Paul Thomas  3rd                            Jamie Braungardt 2nd   14-1
1991 Chisholm Trail Undeafeted League Champs 1st   7th 8TH W. SOUTH Justin Tatom  Jamie Braungardt  jeremy Braungardt  Jason Frakes   Jimmy Adams                     Nick Stambaugh   Jammie Braungardt  1st               Jimmy Adams  3rd   13-0
1992   1st   23RD 5TH W. SOUTH Jason Frakes  Toby Myers    Jason Frakes 4th   11-4
year league REG. Sub-State State GW GOODWILL  WINNER REGIONAL CHAMPS Sub-State Champ State Placer Duals
1993 1ST 9th    34th 4th 1992     Justin Tatom 6th  11-1
1994 2ND 1st   6th 4th  W.SOUTH Jason Frakes         Justin Tatom         Toby Myers   Justin Tatom 1st                              Jason Frakes 1st   Jason Baber  6th  Brian Bastian 6th   14-1
1995 1ST 1st   7th 5th W. SOUTH Chip Dehoff  Brian Bastian   Matt Lay 2nd  Brian Bastian  2nd   12-1-1
1996 2ND 2nd   14th  5th  W. WEST Joe Dehoff      Shane Engle      Jason Barber         Jarrod Bowers    Joe Dehoff 6th  Jason Barber 4th Steven Frakes 6th   12-2
1997 3RD 3rd   23rd 8th W. SOUTH Jarrod Bowers  Steven Frakes   Steven Frakes 3rd  8-2
4A-1998 3RD 6th   35th 4th W. SOUTH     Steven Frakes 1st  10-2
4A-1999 4th  9th    17th 10th GODDARD Brian Martling   Brian Martling 4th  Wes Sills 1st  7-5
4A-2000 5th 13th   36th 9TH GODDARD       Brian Martling 5th  5-5
4A-2001 3rd 10th   49th 8TH EMPORIA        6-4
4A-2002 CT- 3rd 7th   29th 8TH DERBY     Mike Strubble 6th  Ben Kersting 6th  9-5
4A-2003 1st- CPL 4th   26th 5th NORMAN OKLA.        7-5
4A-2004   3rd   12th 5th EMPORIA Ben Kersting   Ben Kersting  4th  Jaden Kutz 5th          Nick Fouts 3rd   7-6
4A-2005   8th   22nd   4th DERBY Jon Dukes  Abe Kersting   Abe Kersting 3rd  8-4
4A-2006 3rd 3rd   17th 5TH ABILENE Jon Dukes   James Fox 5th  Jon Dukes  3rd  8-4
4A-2007   8th   26th 9th ROSEHILL     Charlie Wagner  6th  Clay Shaft 6th  11-5
4A-2008 3rd 7th   32nd 8th DERBY Colton Linville  Kyle Jones   Clay Shaft 6th  8-9
2009 3rd 3rd   20th 7TH DERBY Cody Huffman   Cody Huffman 2nd   9-3
2010 3rd 2nd   7th 9TH DERBY Colt Castlebury  Cody Huffman   Daylen Zaldivar 1st                                         Colt Castlebury 5th                                        Cody Huffman  2nd   11-5
2011 1st 4th   20th 10TH ANDOVER CENTRAL Colt Castlebury     Colt Castlebury  2nd  12-6
2012 1st 1st   11th 8TH NEWTON Kordell Burch   Colt Castlebury   Ryker Greenbaum  4th                                  Colt Castlebury  1st   14-7
2013 2nd 9th    22nd 12TH NEWTON Ryker Greenbaum   Ryker Greenbaum  2nd  8-10
2014 1st CPL 13th   54th 9th DERBY         5-10
2015 1st CPL 5TH   30TH 11TH T. SEAMAN Seth Fouts    Zachery Strother  4th   10-6
2016 1st CPL 6th   15TH 10TH W. SOUTH Ashten Dodson         Ashten Dodson 2nd Seth Fouts 4th   8-7
2017 1st CPL 1st   15TH 6TH W.SOUTH Ashten Dodson    Donovan Green    Ashten Dodson 2nd    12-5
2018  1st CPL  2nd   33rd 11th ANDOVER CENTRAL Kaden Pichler   Ashten Dodson   1-4
  league REG. Sub-State State GW GOODWILL  WINNER REGIONAL CHAMPS Sub-State Champ State Placer Duals