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“Dino” know what’s more fun than Second Grade!

I don’t want to leave you in the “Stone Ages”, so ………...Here is a quick look at my “clan” rules.

In order to guarantee your “Little Dinosaur” and the rest of the “herd” in my classroom, the “egg”-cellent learning climate they deserve, I will be implementing a classroom management plan that encourages a positive approach to good behavior.  My goal will be to recognize and reward good behavior both individually and as a “herd”.  I believe an atmosphere that encourages self-worth, respect and responsibility is critical to insure that maximum learning is taking place.  I am positive that this is the type of learning atmosphere you would want for your little “dino”.

I have two key behaviors for the studnents to demonstrate.  These are responsibility and respect.  These expectations will be clearly communicated, demonstrated and practiced with the students and will continue to be taught throughout the year.

I will award “bones” on a daily basis for appropriate student behaviors.  Your child will be able to save and spend the “bones” to purchase small prizes, treats and special privleges.  Some rewards will be offered daily and others will be weekly.  Students will also earn praise, positive “grunts” and special recognition for their good behavior.  A plan will also be in place for the whole “herd” to be rewarded when good “caveperson” behaviors are being demonstrated.

Unfortunately, “bones” may also be taken when their behavior is “primative”.  I will visit with them individually when I see “the writing on the wall” and that they are acting like a “Neanderthal”.  I will “roar” to you when I feel like your little “dino” has become an interference for others or when it is getting in the way of them working to their potential.

I believe this management plan will encourage your child to follow the rules of the “herd”, allow them to see that god behavior is rewarded and give them a feeling of self-worth for a job well done.  Through the cooperation of the “cave clan” and the “herd”, this management plan will be a great benefit to the students.

                                                                   Are you ready to “rock” this year? 

                                                                                       Mrs. Wright

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Anne Wright

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