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Danielle Dunagan

 I am the K-2 MTSS Coordinator for the elementary.  I have the following responsibilites:

  • Aimsweb Coordinator
  • Lexia Core 5 Coordinator
  • Data Analysis
  • Small Group Reading Teacher
  • Small Group Math Teacher
  • MTSS Instructor Support

I hope that I can provide teachers and parents with a lot of needed support.  I am excited ffor the opportunity to help our students achieve their goals.


Our school using Reading Street and My Math as our core curriculm.  Each teacher spends at least 90 minutes each day on reading and 60 minutes each day on math.  This time is very important to the teachers and students so we try to not let anything interuppt this teaching time.  We call this our core teaching time.  It is also called Tier I.  Every student recieves Tier I time.  

We benchmark our students using Aimsweb Plus.  This is done three times a year, fall winter and spring.  After the benchmark is complete classroom teachers, special education teachers and I sit down together and look at the data.  We determine if the students are on grade level or below and we group them according to what each student needs to work on to make them a better reader or mathematician.  Everyone gets Tier II or Purple Power TIme for reading.  The students who are on grade level are in bigger groups and working on standards from the grade level or just above.  The students who are below grade level work with teachers in small groups on the areas that could help them become a better reader.  Every student is in Purple Power Time, Tier II, working on an area that will help them grow in their skills.

If a student is well below grade level they will recieve an extra 20-30 minutes a day of reading.  This is done in a very small group usualy 3 or 4.  This is called Dog Pack or TIer III.


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Danielle Dunagan

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