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Welcome to Mr. Brewer's Chemistry Page!  I have moved all my material to my Google Classroom.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Course Information

Chemistry is three courses in one - science, math and a foreign language.  In order to be successful, practice is necessary.  The more you practice, the quicker you can analyze and make decisions on more difficult problems.  Below is the syllabus that outlines class expectations and requirements.

Lab Safety

Being safe in the lab is a top priority.  Fire, toxic chemicals and glass all pose possible hazards in the lab.  Safety equipment is located throughout the lab, and students are taught proper lab techniques.  View the video for both technique and safety.

Scientific Measurement

Knowing the limits of a measuring device is an important step in finding the precision of the final product.  Being able to utilize the correct units of measurement and knowing the degree of precision of the devise will allow students to be as close to true results as possible.

​​​Problem Solving

Dimensional Analysis is nothing more than converting from one thing to another.  Derived units (like density) require units to be specific, so knowing what the units are and how to get there are important. 

Atomic History and Structure

Ionic and Covalent Compounds

The Mole

Reaction Types


States of Matter


Gas Laws

VSEPR Theory


Rate of Reactions




Nuclear Chemistry



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