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Daily Schedule


Monday-Thursday Schedule

8:00-8:47 1st Hour   7th Grade Language Arts
8:51-9:38 2nd Hour   7th Grade Language Arts 
9:42-10:29 3rd Hour   7th Grade Language Arts
10:33-11:20 4th Hour   7th Grade Language Arts
11:24-12:35/12:07-12:35 5th Hour   Planning/Lunch
12:39-1:26 6th Hour   Literature and Research
1:30-2:17 7th Hour   Progress Monitoring/ELL
2:21-3:10 8th Hour   Reading Tier




Friday Late Start Schedule

9:00-9:41 1st Hour   7th Grade Language Arts
9:45-10:24 2nd Hour   7th Grade Language Arts
10:28-11:07 3rd Hour   7th Grade Language Arts
11:11-11:50 4th Hour   7th Grade Language Arts
11:54-1:00/12:33-1:00 5th Hour   Planning/Lunch
1:04-1:43 6th Hour   Literature and Research
1:47-2:26 7th Hour   Progress Monitoring/ELL
2:30-3:10 8th Hour   Reading Tier


Julie Conway

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