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Daily Schedule

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                Mrs. Sizemore’s Bell Schedule
M-Th        Hour    Class
1st Hour   8:00–8:52    Computer App
2nd Hour   8:56–9:46     Plan
3rd Hour   9:50–10:40    Keyboarding
4th Hour   10:44–11:34    Computer App
5th Hour   11:38–12:56     Banking and Finance/Investing
    12:26–12:56    Lunch
6th Hour    1:00–1:50    Computer App
7th Hour    1:54–2:44    Web Design
8th Hour    2:48–3:20     AST




Friday      Hours     Class
1st Hour    9:00-9:48     Computer App
2nd Hour    9:52-10:38     Plan
3rd Hour  10:42-11:28     Keyboarding
4th Hour  11:32-12:49     Computer App
   11:32-12:02     Lunch
5th Hour  12:53-1:39     Banking and Finance/Investing
6th Hour    1:43-2:28     Computer App
7th Hour    2:32-3:20     Web Design



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