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Kim McCune

Welcome to our school.

Seal Elementary is a safe place where we respect each other. We are here to learn.

This motto is recited by students each morning before we say the Pledge of Allegiance. It helps us remember that our focus at school is to learn. The three values that are taught, which help us remain focused on the goal of learning are: Be respectful, Be responsible and Be safe.

It is my pleasure to serve as Principal at Seal Elementary. My goal is to ensure that the learning environment at Seal Elementary is inviting to both students and parents and focused on learning. The three values of respect, responsibility and safety help direct my efforts to create a positive learning environment. Please feel free to stop by to visit or send me an email about any questions you may have regarding your student's educational experience at Seal.

Best wishes for an excellent school year!

Kim McCune, Seal Elementary Principal




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