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5th Grade Band Updates and Information

5th Grade Band


5th Grade Band Handbook Link

Useful videos for 5th grade band:

Flute – Here is a playlist that covers everything from the parts of the flute to how to finger the first few notes:

Clarinet – This linked playlist covers the basics of beginning clarinet (skip the 11th video, for now, we will get to that stuff later!).

Trumpet – This playlist is for the beginning trumpet player.  This playlist even includes instructions on how to oil your valves.

Trombone – Here is a trombone playlist that is great for beginners! It covers the slide basics, how to put the instrument together, and how to play a few notes!

Percussion – The playlist linked covers the very beginning basics of the bells for the beginning band.







For more information, check out the information letter linked below.

Information letter from Mrs. Kerwood

Interested in joining the band but you are unable to attend the Instrument Display Night? That is okay! Please fill out the Google Form below so that I can get your information and check out the Q and A video for more information on the 5th-grade band.

Beginning Band Information Google Form

Display Night Q and A video


Want to play in the band but don’t know what you want to play yet?  That is okay!  Check out the videos below for a chance to hear about each instrument!


Be Part of the Band

Army Band Instrument Demonstration – Youtube video



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