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Darcy Seal

5th Grade Teacher

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About Me

Educational History:

I returned to college in my late 30’s and graduated from Wichita State University when I turned 41! I taught in Wichita at Price Harris Elementary in first grade and then third grade for a combined 13 wonderful years. It was a surprise when the opportunity to teach at Seal Elementary opened just a few days before open house! I am absolutely delighted to be teaching here and hope to continue for many years. 

Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Elementary Education

Endorsement in English as a Second Language

Professional Development:



Current Position:

This is my second year at Seal Elementary teaching fifth grade. I am so happy I have been given this opportunity to continue teaching in this wonderful community. I will be adding art into our weekly schedule and look forward to discovering all of  the artists in our fifth grade group. 

Previous Position:

I taught at Price Harris Elementary in Wichita for thirteen years. I taught first grade for seven years and third grade for six years. I began my teaching career at forty one years old and cannot believe I waited so long to become a teacher. 

Family Information:

I am married to Ken Seal and have four children and one grandchild. Our children are Jerod (37), Crystal (33), Eddie (24),and Kellie (20). Kimber, my granddaughter is almost four and an absolute delight. My two older children attended Seal Elementary and my younger two attended Andover schools. We just built our forever home, an 800 square foot farmhouse on family land. We had a small garden this summer and I hope to expand it for next years planting season. We have two barn cats, Crackle and Myrtle and hope to add some chickens, goats and bees this year. My husband retired from Boeing after 40 years of employment. Leonard Seal was our great uncle and I am excited to be a “Seal” at Seal Elementary. 

Personal Information:

I grew up on the east coast in New Jersey and moved here in 1998. Although I miss the beach, I adore living in Rock, Kansas. I love to dance, surf (waves, not the internet), rollerskate, sew, and make homemade lotions. My husband and I love country western dancing and try to go as often as we can. When I am not teaching, I am usually thinking about teaching, but sometimes I will be working with my husband finishing our house or hanging out with my granddaughter on the front porch. My husband and I are learning to become gardeners. This year’s garden was quite successful and we enjoyed the veggies we grew. We are still finishing our little house on the prarie and so weekends consist of fun projects  in our home. 

Darcy Seal

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Classroom News

Transcript for Teacher Video

Welcome class of 2028!

Hi, I am Mrs. Seal and I am smiling behind this mask.

This year will be different and here are the highlights:

1. Masks must be worn properly every day- as in the way      I’m wearing mine so it covers my mouth and nose

2. The only supplies needed for Monday are:

  • Sharpened or mechanical pencils
  • Earbud/headphones
  • Three-ring binders

The rest can be brought at any time during the following 2 weeks.

3. Communication:

  • Fifth grade will use the REMIND app for all parent/ teacher communication
  • Parents will need to sign up using their cell or email. This is a requirement for fifth grade. Watch for your class code or invite after Tuesday the 18th.  

4. First day of school:

  • Car riders/walkers will need to have their masks on, and upon arrival will have their temperature taken. Students may not arrive before 7:40 am- this is non-negotiable

            Bus riders will need to have their masks on and will have their temperature taken before being allowed on the bus.

            Once in the building students will either go to breakfast then their classroom, or if they don’t eat breakfast go directly to               their classroom.

            Reminder- only students are allowed in the building- so parents give your kiddos hugs/kisses before school.

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