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Interior Design


An application level course designed to instruct students in the skills necessary to design interior spaces

 that apply design elements and principles to spaces for residential and special needs.

Interior Design will prepare the student for equipping and maintaining a living space. The history of housing and furniture styles is taught using an integration of history and historical events that has shaped today’s housing.  Technical skills will be developed using computer software that will aid the student in planning and arranging a floor plan.  Custom floor plans will be developed by each student.  Financial considerations of buying, renting, and owning a home will be explored and researched by each student. Daily, monthly, and yearly household tasks will be identified.  Students will determine a schedule, determine their resources and supplies that will be needed to perform the essential home ownership tasks.  Art activities will be incorporated in the design of the interior living spaces.  The principles and elements of design will be demonstrated and applied by the student in his or her interior design portfolio project. This course will cover advanced research and application topics in design & pre-construction (drafting/architecture) to include management and “green design” skills.

FCCLA leadership activities will be integrated in this course:  Leaders at Work Careers in the housing, interior design and furnishing industry.  Financial Fitness-Financing your Home/Mortgage.