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Welcome to English I and II Class!  Below is some information to help have a successful class year.  All assignments and announcements will be posted in Google Classroom. If you have any questions, please call or email.

Grades are updated on most Fridays.  

Required Materials:

  • Chromebook, charged and ready at the start of class.
  • Notebook paper
  • Pens/Pencils

Weekly Work: (Schedules can and will change depending on school activities)

  • Monday- Thursday:  Unit Study 
  • Thursday- Vocabulary Quiz and Lesson:  Time will be given in class for students to work on their lesson after the quiz.  If unable to finish in class, lessons will be due on Friday. Quizzes will not include spelling.  Students will need to know definitions and how to use the words in the context of a sentence.  
  • Friday- AR Reading Day

Accelerated Reader Requirements:

  • AR books must be the appropriate reading level.
  • 15 AR points due each quarter (English I)  20 AR points for English II
  • AR is worth 100 points per quarter
  • AR books must be read and tested during the current quarter.
  • Reading Day is for reading only!  (If all AR points are earned then the student may read a non-AR book)
  • Reading Day is worth 10 homework points IF the student reads and follows all class reading rules.

Semester Final:

  • The semester final will be based off of materials from the notebook.
  • The semester final will be worth 150 points


  • Have all needed supplies and/or homework ready at the beginning of the class period.
  • Rude/ Inappropriate language or behavior will not be tolerated.
  • No food in the classroom.
  • Laptop use at inappropriate times or inappropriate manner will result in discipline.
  • Cell phones are not to be seen.  Keep turned off in the classroom.  If cell phones are in use, they will be taken and returned at end of the class period.
  • All DHS Handbook rules/regulations will be followed.