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Welcome to

 Sisk Middle School

Phone # 316-747-3340


Pawsitivley Purple Criteria

No missing assignments 

No office referrals

No unexcused absences or tardies  

3 or less days of absence 

100% AR completed 

Academic Probation

The following applies to all students with multiple F’s

  1. A list will be sent out every Friday naming all students who have multiple F’s.
  2. Each will be called in for a conference with Jason or myself individually on Friday afternoon or Monday morning during which parents will be contacted
  3. Each will be required to stay for extended day and lunch detention daily until they no longer have multiple F’s
  4. Classroom pass privileges will be removed. DO NOT allow these kids out of class for any reason other than dire emergency.
  5. Each will be placed on Not in Good Standing Status until they no longer have multiple F’s

Attention Parents:  Two of our building goals this year are to increase the opportunities for middle school parents to become more involved with the school and to continue to work to improve communication with middle school parents. I want to take this opportunity to highlight a few things we are currently doing that may be helpful to you. Our Sisk Middle School Web Page can be found by visiting www.usd396.net and clicking on Sisk Middle School from the school’s pull down menu. That web page is updated every single day and includes announcements that we share with our students daily. I would also encourage you to visit www.centralplainsleague.com to find out the latest information with middle school schedules and events. When you visit that website, just click on Douglass at the right of the screen, and all of our middle school events can be found on the calendar that pops up. This website is managed by our school and is the ONLY place where schedule information is always up to date. If you choose, you can even sign up here to receive push notifications when events change or are postponed or cancelled for any reason by using the notify me feature. Last, I want to make sure you know that Sisk Middle School is on social media. If you are a facebook user, find us there under Douglass Bulldogs, and if you are a twitter user, follow us @ DHSBulldogs. We use facebook and twitter to push out information on a daily basis for both Sisk Middle School and Douglass High School. I hope using multiple modes of communication will enable you, as parents, to connect with Sisk Middle School in a way that is convenient and effective for you. Stay tuned as I will be getting information out very soon regarding an opportunity for middle school parents to be involved in an open forum meeting to provide input and feedback pertaining to parent involvement and communication. Thanks for your continued support of Sisk Middle School!



18-7:00 Band/Choir Concert @ HS Auditorium

20- End of Semester- early dismissal- 1:00

21- January 2- NO SCHOOL- Christmas Break!