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Douglass Public Schools
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Phone: 316-747-3300
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We are proud of our the DHS Band representing USD 396 at the State Fair!




Menu Bites!

More Matters to Opaa!

This week you will see Pumpkin’s featured in the cafeteria

Did You Know…… The pumpkin was one of the many foods used by the Native American Indians in the new world and was a welcome discovery by the Pilgrims. The Indians pounded strips of pumpkin flat, dried them, and wove them into mats for trading. They also dried pumpkin for food.

The new Americans heartily embraced the sweet, multi-purpose fruit which became a traditional Thanksgiving food. The colonists used pumpkin not only as a side dish and dessert, but also in soups. Pumpkins are popular at Halloween when they are carved into Jack-o'-lanterns. The practice was brought to the United States by Irish immigrants who originally carved turnips into Jack-o'-lanterns. In America, pumpkins were more plentiful and cheaper than turnips, and so came about the switch from turnips to pumpkins.

Come into the Cafeteria and take a "bite" of a fresh tasty pumpkin recipe!

Patrons will also see a new web page at this new page is a work in progress as teachers and staff are busy building their new pages. Over the course of the next several weeks you will see this page develop and district patrons will be able to access more information than ever before. There are two immediate enhancements that we encourage you explore and utilize. The first enhancement is the E-Note Sign Up that will give you the ability to customize an electronic notification based on your individual and family needs. This function is utilized by signing up on our web page and you will to able to receive notifications on your smart phone. The second enhancement is the calendar option. The district has one calendar for all events in the district. The calendar link is located on the left side of the home page, by clicking the calendar option under quick links users can access the district calendar and also utilize the notify me option as well as the subscribe option. These features will give you instant notification when scheduling and event changes are made. The district will continue to make information more available by utilizing the functions of our new web page.

The Douglass School District is proud to serve the Community of Douglass by
Challenging, Caring and preparing every student every day. We are Family, We are
Community, We are Bulldogs!






5th Grade Rocket Launch

The fifth grade class model rocket project culminated on October 8th with a successful rocket launch. It was a perfect day for launching rockets until the wind picked up a bit. Every student’s rocket blasted off and flew into the sky. Students had been anticipating this day for weeks as they built their model rockets with the help of Mary Woydziak.

Thank you to Mrs. Hopkins for volunteering to help set up and monitor the launch, Mr. Brad Reynolds for announcing students as they prepared for launch, Judy Valentine & Lonnie Carr for helping with the launch poles, and Mrs. McCune for rounding up the PA system. The 5th graders were happy that so many of their families could attend our event.

On a side note, Laurie Winzer, a certified large rocket launcher, visited with our 5th graders about the science behind a rocket launch which included Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. She also brought some of her large rockets that she has built and launched to show our 5th graders.

***Thank you to our faithful community members who returned lost rockets!



Veterans’ Day Program

We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we will always be free". Ronald Reagan

This year’s Veterans’ Day Program is focused on involving students from our three school buildings, local veterans, and our community members.

Please join us:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 10:00 A.M. Douglass Sports Complex.

We invite all past and present military and support group members to meet in the middle school gym by 9:30 A.M. for cookies, coffee, and fellowship, after which they will receive instructions for the opening ceremonies.

It is essential that we recognize the significance of Veterans’ Day. Standing united as a family, a school, a community and a nation is vital.

Douglass High School (316.747.3310)

Sisk Middle School(316.747.3340)





The Douglass Board of Education met in regular session Monday, October 13, 2014 in the District Administrative Office.

*approved donations: Target-ES-$82.73, Target-MS-$113.83, Target-HS-$71.37, Lifetouch-MS-$395.19, PTO-Ice Cream Social-$113.92, First Baptist Church-ES-$327.18, Samantha Price Memorial-$200.00

*approved a grant: Wal-Mart - $1,000.00 for Accelerated Reader/Top Dog Incentives

*approved Resolution #2015-05 South Central Kansas (Region G) Multi-Hazard, Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

*approved Resolution #2015-06 SCKESC Inter-local Agreement

*approved Resolution #2015-07 to Adopt a Local Option Budget

*offered employment to Jason Wilson-Softball Head Coach


Check out some of our Staff taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!!

Click here to learn more about ALS and how you might be able to help