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Christmas Break

December 20th beginning @ 1:00 thru January 2nd.

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Transcript/School Records Request Form

Academic Probation

The following applies to all students with multiple F’s

  1. A list will be sent out every Monday naming all students who have multiple F’s.
  2. Each will be called in for a conference with Mr. Dunham/Mr. Menard individually on Monday morning during which parents will be contacted.
  3. Each will be required to stay for extended day and lunch detention daily until they no longer have multiple F’s.
  4. Classroom pass privileges will be removed. DO NOT allow these kids out of class for any reason other than dire emergency.
  5. Each will be placed on Not in Good Standing Status until they no longer have multiple F’s


If you know you are going to be gone from school for anything other than a school activity, the following procedure is required:  parent request to office, get a Pre-Planned Absence from office and have it signed by all your teachers, return the form to the office no later than the day before you will be gone for administration approval.


Due to safety purposes and limiting the amount of outside traffic, lunch visitors are limited to Parents only, please contact the office 24 hours prior to visit.  



Each student shall be responsible for maintaining appropriate school dress. The development of personal grooming standards will result in a neat, clean personal appearance that does not interfere with the health and safety of self or others, and does not interfere with the educational process of the school. Students are being prepared for the world of work and will be required to dress as such. Guidelines for dress at Douglass High School are as follows:

1. Clothing and other apparel that promotes and/or advertises alcohol, tobacco or other dangerous or illegal substances are prohibited.

2. Tube tops, spaghetti straps, racer-back tank tops, halter tops, mesh or net shirts, and shirts that expose the midriff or cleavage are not allowed at school. Tank tops must have shoulder straps that are at least two inches wide.

3. Pants, shorts, or skirts that permit the display of undergarments, whether worn low or have a low rise are not appropriate. Shorts inseams must be a minimum of 2”. Tight fitting stretch fabric shorts, pants, and skirts or dresses are not allowed without a looser fitting shirt or upper body garment that is of mid-thigh length.

4. Suggestive or double-meaning shirts are not appropriate.

5. Footwear must be worn.

6. No hats or bandanas may be worn in the school building prior to 4 p.m. Exceptions to the dress code may be granted on designated days by the principal at the request of the Student Council. The items listed above serve only as a guideline. Dress code issues are at the discretion of the administration.